2 year old Irena lol yeah I have hella hair. #roseycheeks #babypictures
I look like an obese box. But hey pink scrubs finally 💉💕
Lil Binx took over the doggy bed lol
Draw me lyke 1 of ur French gurlz****~~~*** ✏
Pretty kitty Mr. Binx
#successisinmyblood #whatcanisaylol #nerd #workaholic
#uglyduckling #morning
Got off work and finished my chem assignment in less than 10 minutes now time for sleep :)
Break. Guess whose trying not to die from a heat stroke at work?????!?!?!?! Me. 🔥😒🔫
Steak, tomatoes, and spinach salad with balsamic vinegar and freshly cracked pepper for dinner. 👌
Daisies 😊❤
I’m the palest Italian ever I swear. I don’t get tan anymore :(
Tanning and shots 😊🍸☀