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Club time! @epicromancee @melanieferreira @itsciaranlove
Who needs a face anyways
Because my eyes look super cool tonight. 👀 i c u #sobored
This isn’t even cute this is fucking ANNOYING.
All I wanna do is finish my damn essay but Binx won’t leave me alone oh my gooooooooosh.
Another one of my low fat recipes. I haven’t been posting them for awhile. But since Fridays are my day off, I’m cooking for the week today. Balsamic chicken and veggies. 👌
He thinks he’s sneaky -__-
Reason #150 why marrying an Italian girl is the best 😊😘🍷🍴🍝
Happy 21st birthday to the beautiful ray of sunshine, @melanieferreira! You’ve always been one of the most positive sweetest people I have ever met. Everytime I am around you its just laughter and good times. Its crazy to think how long we have been friends and I know it will stay that way. You are more than just a friend, you’re my long lost sister. I hope you have an awesome birthday and I can’t wait to re-celebrate it with you in a few weeks. ♡🎈👑🎂☀
I love the view from my dads house. Small country town with beautiful golden fields.
Excited to read this, I’ve wanted it for so long. ت 🌼☺
All I wanna do in life is buy more socks. #sockobsession
Can this week be over plz k thnx
Topic for my first essay of the semester. If anyone has personal experiences related to this that you wouldn’t mind sharing. I’d love to hear them. #english5 #college #eatingdisorders