It’s sad, but life is full of sudden goodbyes.

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Awkward arm
Girls night (; #thatsnotachaser #cranberryjuiceandpineapplevodkaisbomb #cali #calisummernights
Beach day like always. #iliveattheocean #california
Looking for shells 🐚
Birthday week for Binx! One year. ♚🎂
I may be Italian, but its really hard for me to tan anymore. People have made comments about how tan I’m getting and this is my secret! Check out this self tanner. It smells good, cruelty free, doesn’t irritate my eczema  and it looks completely natural. 😜 🌻 ☀ #sungoddess #selftanner #itsamazing #summer
Failing to make a campfire 👎🔥